This Friday the 14th, my friends and I are putting on a visual spectacle of RAD-ness at the Spanish Moon here in Baton Rouge. The likes of Hunter Roth, Jon Rogers, Jessica Beauvais, Natalie Hutchinson, Scott Campbell, Marc Fresh, this cool cat Simon and of course yours truly.

The People of Peru and DJ Otto will be providing the tunes and my homeboys at Purple Monkey will be pumping out custom on-the-spot hand-printed Tees. Hope you can make it out. It will be great opportunity to support some local artists and maybe even pick up a great gift for your Secret Santa at the office.

Just finished up the new “BLAQUE” hats. They are Flatbill Flex-fits featuring 3D embroidery on the front and a Icon/New Era Spoof logo on the side.
They are available in 2 colors, Black and White, and available in 2 sizes S/M and L/XL.

Also the sightings page as just been temporarily updated.



New Posters available in the products section. As you can see I have been having some problems lately deciding which colors I like best, so I just print them all. The poster below, POUR IT ON!, comes in threee color combinations, Metallic SIlver/Black, Teal/Black, and Red/Black.


A few months back, I was commisioned by Seawright Design to create a poster commemorating the Icons of BMX (I know , how fitting). The first of which was Taj Mihelich. Taj has been a major influence on the sport of BMX and huge inspiration to me personally, so it it was an incredible honor to be asked to participate in this tribute to one of the most influential BMXers of all time. There are lots cool old photo elements from some of Taj’s earlier days, one of which is his first photo in a magazine. Comes in two color combinations, Maroon/Light Blue and Navy/Green.

Art and Music
This Saturday, the 22nd, there will be an Art and Music show at the Spanish Moon featuring art by Marc Fresh, Scott Campell, and yours truly. Plus great musical acts by Bones, The Way High Men, and Zydepunks. And to top l that off, there wil be a live printing demo by Purple Monkey were you can get a custom shirt printed on the spot available only at the show. Don’t miss this, it should be a real good time. Hope to see you there.


I just did an interview for They have lots of great features on some pretty well-known artists and some up-and-comers. Needless to say, I’m very honored they were interested in Icon and the story behind it. So if you have some time, give the site a visit and check out the interview.



Animated Gifs are Awesome!
As you can see to the left I have been doing a little experimenting with animated gifs. Late 90’s web technology here I come! However beginner level web design is not the only thing I’m excited about these days. We just finished up a new hat I’m calling The Swoosh Hat because appropriately enough it features a new Icon Swoosh logo that reminds me of my T-ball days. Oh the glory days of whacking away at a stationary ball high atop the rubber holding “T” and being whistled back to the previous base because the pitcher had returned the ball to the 20 foot diameter pitcher’s circle.

Wednesday in Laffyette,LA there will be a creative art expo called GRINDER happening at 307 in downtown Laffayette. The doors open up at 8PM and its $3 to get in. With that $3 you should get a heaping mouthful of some D-I-Y art types and a side of a good people. I believe this is the first of this type of event to grace Laffyette and I’m sure it will not be the last. I will be out there trying to hawk some artwork. So come on out and get your grind on!

Other important mentionables include a new wallpaper available for download in the DOWNLOADS section. Appropriate enough huh?

Also Icon is now available at the Urban Zoo Design Shop in Valencia, Spain. If you live in Spain or are going there soon, be sure to peek in on Ivan and see whats shakin’.

And finally, I will leave you with a small sneek peek of a new piece that should be done very soon and I am very excited about.

Happy New Years everyone!

And lookout 2007 cause here we come! Straight outta the gate there is a new Jacket available in the clothing section. Its prett F-ing sweet if I must say. Its a new piece under The Brotherhood Series and it will make you awesome!


First of I would like to say thanks to everyone who came out to the show last weekend. We had a good turnout and I had a real good time, so thank you everyone.

Next I would like to welcome you all to the new Icon site.Not everyhting is done yet as you will see when you click through some of the pages, but hopefully that will be remedied in the coming weeks. If you have any input or feedback please let me know.

There’s a new poster up just in time for the holidays. Its called “One Man Army” and I hope you like it.

And finally this is hilarious. I recieved these photgraphs of what I think is the best Halloween costume I have ever seen.

Still trying to figure out what you are getting Uncle Carl for Christmas this year? Haven’t found a date for the office Christmas party yet? Well fear no more because I have come up with an event that is sure to satisfy all your holiday wants and needs. Its the:

Icon and Friends Holiday Art & Music Show

And its happening this Saturday night, December 9th at the The Spanish Moon. Featuring artwork by ICON, Hunter Roth, Josh Hardesty, Brian Baiamonte, Lindsay Denehy, Jon Rogers, and Paul Dean. Also featuring music by DJ Misc., Brenton and the Brentones, and Otto.

Dude, where else are you going to buy posters and hook-up with chicks?

As usual I have been slacking on the news section of this site but that is not to say that nothing has been going on. To the contrary actually. Lots of great stuff has been happening. One of those things being the long awaited completion of a whole new line of shirts.There really are some great things going on with these new Tees so you will definitely need to jump on over to the products sections and peep these new wearable pieces of art. And while you are looking at them you might as well go ahead a buy a few cause you know they ain’t gonna be around for long.

In other news Icon welcomes TJ Gillis to the team. TJ has been down with Icon on his own dime for quite some time and now its time for us to give a little something back to him. Besides being a total up and coming shredder, TJ is really rad dude and can wrestle down the most villainous of criminals. Welcome to the brotherhood, TJ!

Finally just a quick heads up, there will be another Icon and Friends Art Show at the Spanish Moon on December 9th featuring Icon, Josh Hardesty, Brian Baiamonte, Hunter Roth, Lindsay Denehe and more. Plus the musical treats by Brenton and the Brentones, DJ Misc. and Otto.